Monday, February 1, 2010

Tim Tebow should stick to football.

Tim Tebow is currently under fire for putting together a "pro-life" commercial that he was hoping CBS would air during the superbowl. The 30 second spot would cost about $2.5 million and no, not a dime came out of Timmy's pockets. Furthermore, the Jaguars, who are said to be the team interested in the quarterback when the draft comes around, has supported him. Today, so did the NY Times...sort of.

I, for one, am now even happier that Alabama killed Florida and made Timmy cry. And if I owned a football team, there is no way I would extend an offer to him because Lord knows what he would say when wearing a jersey for my team. Shut up and play football.

I have no problem with people stating their views but I do have a problem with them being forced on me. It is bad enough that he preaches anytime a mic is put in front of his face, but now this?

Let me ask you something Atheists have the right to say "there is no God" if they are handed a mic? I'm guessing you don't think so. What about a commercial advocating being pro-choice? What if one of your teammates was a Satan-worshiper and everytime he won a game, he thanked the prince of darkness? Would that jive with you? No? OK, so why do you push your beliefs on everyone else?

This commercial is ridiculous and no one needs to see it. Tim says that his mother is supportive of it and the reason for that? Because she was urged to have an abortion and didn't...and now we have Tim Tebow, the great quarterback. Ok, super. If she did have the abortion, I guess this commercial wouldn't even be on the table...and what if Timmy had become a low-life drug dealer? Would Pam constantly wish that she had that abortion?

Look, I don't care if you're conservative or not, religious or not, but putting a commercial on the air preaching these views is unacceptable. Even more unacceptable is the fact that the commercial is not being funded directly by Tebow, but by "several generous sources". Who are these people? Why aren't they publishing their names? Why the secret? How can you put that kind of money being something and then hide? Aren't you proud of what you're saying and what you belief? What cowards.

This whole thing is a joke. There is no place for a commercial like this. You live your life the way you want and I will live mine the way that I want. I don't judge you and you are welcome to be pro-life all you want....but you have no right to tell others to do the same. It's ridiculous how it's always, always, the pro-lifers preaching and yet pro-death penalty in the same breath.

Shut up you preachy fools. Save your values for your own home. Raise your family with them. Do whatever you want.

Just don't interrupt a football game, or any other program on television with your views. We aren't listening and you may as well have just set $2.5 million on fire...because if this commercial were to air, trust woman is going to change her mind about having an abortion because she might just give birth to the next college superstar quarterback.

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