Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eat Something.

Too thin for the drugs she was taking for her anemia.

So a drug overdose? Not really. The LA Coroner says that her death was "preventable" if she had seen a doctor instead of taking all of that over-the-counter medication. As of right now, reports say the drugs weren't illegal but a full report will be available in two weeks.

Everyone that wanted to believe she didn't die due to a drug overdose can rest easy, sort of. I mean, technically she did...but that overdose could have been avoided if she had gone to the doctor or her body had been in the shape it needed to be in to handle the anemia.

But it wasn't in the right shape, in fact, it was too thin.

This girl came into Hollywood as the cute, adorable, bubbly actress...and then we watched her wither away before our eyes. Not unlike Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, or other Hollywood starlets. Now, in part due to her thin frame, she is dead.

I'm guessing this won't be a wake up call to the actresses that choose to eat white powder instead of actual food. Which is a shame. I am all for being thin and staying in shape. I constantly am baffled with how out of shape the general American population is...especially by the ones that make excuses about their "thyroid" and then take the escalator instead of the stairs every single time. But the thinness of some of these girls is ridiculous.

I get that there is pressure in this industry, but wow....there are so many actresses that are in good shape (not where I can see their bones) and doing well. Curvy actresses like Scarlett Johanson, Eva Mendes, Salma Hayek...all doing well and eating. I can't understand why actresses feel the need to look like a rack of bones and then consume drug after drug after drug. I don't care if they are prescription, over the counter or illegal. How stupid can you possibly be?

Furthermore, how much do you take your own life and everything you have for granted? Do you have problems? Yes...but I'm guessing the guy on the streets of NYC, living in a box in the snow that doesn't eat because he can't afford to, has slightly bigger issues than you.

Pay a shrink, buy some friends, go shopping, take a vacation...spend whatever money you need to get some help in a form other than white powder. Your problems are inconsequential and a laugh to the dad that just lost his job and has to support his entire family...or to the couple who lost their only child to a drunk driver....or to the business owner that declared bankruptcy and is now living on the streets.

You all can afford doctors and the best care in the world. You all have a life that so many envy and wish they could attain, yet never will. You all accepted the stress that comes with being "a star". Deal with it better.


  1. well usual. I loved her and hate when this crap happens.