Thursday, February 11, 2010

People like her make me hate the human race

This is my car after the snowstorm i.e. Blizzard of Biblical Proportions i.e. a lot of fucking snow. This picture was taken around 8am, less than 12 hours after the snow stopped. The car to the left belongs to my better half, is a stick shift and is equally as buried. My better half works in Manhattan...clearly we do not live there. Look at all of the trees. See?

This morning, I cleared out my car because I have to go to work this evening. The shoveling included the snow behind my car that was put there by the plows around 4am this morning. An hour and a half later, my car was clear. My better half left for Manhattan at 7am this morning in his other car, leaving the one pictured under two feet of snow. Whatever, he doesn't need it until Saturday anyway...and since he works 8,000 jobs, he isn't going to get to shovel it before this weekend, and since I do as well, neither will I...I shoveled what I could but I thought I was going to die so I stopped.

Anyway....around 1pm today they started bulldozing the snow and they knocked on my door asking me to move my cars. I explained that while I could move mine, I cannot move the other as it is a stick shift, and I don't have a set of keys. Why would I? It's a stick, which again, I cannot drive. They say- Ok.. (reluctantly) and leave. I call my better half and inform him just so he knows what is going on. I ask him to call the president of the board (We live in a condo community) and tell him "thanks for the notice about moving our cars"...and then...

.....and then this blonde troll like woman on the board comes over. She explains that both cars have to be moved. I explain that I can move mine but not the other as 1. it is stick 2. I don't drive stick and 3. I don't have keys...because...see number 2.

She tells me she's going to tow his car. I explain that I will sue her if she does that. She tells me to go ahead.

No problem. I'm no stranger to the Court system (because I worked around one for 6 years..) and I'll gladly take this to civil court.

She's writing down my license plate and his...and um, I guess she forgot that I said I would be moving my car. I ask her again if she's planning on towing his car because if she said yes, I'm calling the cops. She says "yes". Great. I dial 911 and the cops arrived in less than 2 minutes. Very impressive.

In between then the bulldozing snow crew who all were very nice offer to move my better half's car...and I explain that I do not have the keys because I don't drive stick. At this point, I've called said better half so he can hear everything that is going on, while he is at work, in the city, doing something slightly more important than yelling at me to move a car that I can't fucking drive.

I move my car and tell the snow crew they can push the other car if they want, which they decline because it might be in gear or whatever. I don't know, I don't speak "stick".

During this time, said blonde troll from the board is screaming at me that the rules are in the guidelines, etc. I tell her that we would've moved our cars this morning had we known about the plowing...which she tells me she couldn't have predicted..and what was she supposed to do, "notify everyone?".

IT'S YOUR FUCKING JOB THAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR. Yes, notify people that plowing will take place on the 11th, so if people could move their cars before that, that would be super.

But no, they didn't do that. Why? Because blondie says "it's in the bi-laws" and she "doesn't have to"...and "doesn't have time to call everyone" and "115 other people were able to move their cars".

To which I say "115 other people had the luxury of staying home today to do that".

WTF kind of stupid comments does this woman think she is making?!?!?!

Cops show up, calm everything down, but explain to me that she can tow the car if it's in the bi-laws. I say that there were 5 snowstorms last year and we never moved our cars once. This was also not the first storm this year and we have not moved our cars. Furthermore, if she had called last night to tell everyone that plowing would take place today, we could have moved our cars this which she says, and this is my favorite:

"Where would you have moved them? Everything was covered in snow."

BINGO YOU INSIPID TROLL. Nowhere! Why not? Because you didn't plow until the middle of the workday. You gave us no place to put our cars in advance of plowing and only provided a place at 1pm when most people are at work. It is not my problem that the rest of the complex got to sit on their asses at home again today and therefore were able to move their cars.

I also explain that we were at the last homeowner's meeting, and while she may have been on the board for the past ten year's, she wasn't there...and during that meeting we discussed snow removal, using a different company, etc...but we never discussed moving cars...and since we never moved them once during the 5 storms last year you would think that if this was an issue or a rule, it might come up. It didn't. And when I say this, what does this woman say? "We don't have to, it's in the bi-laws"....

And round and round we go. She agrees to only fine us $50 and she won't tow the car. Gee, how big of you. Where is that $50 going? In your pocket I assume because you totally picked a number off the top of your head. When I asked the fine you stared off into space and then decided on a number. Unreal.

People like her make me hate the human race. There was no reason for all of that drama. There was no reason for her attitude and her threats. There was no reason that police officers had to waste their time with that when there are people in real trouble with this storm. None.

The car can't be moved- we weren't given notice and even if we were, there was nowhere (ADMITTED BY MISS "I'VE BEEN ON THE BOARD FOR TEN YEARS") to even move our cars until the middle of the work day. How you can't look at this situation and see that there is no fair way to deal with this and just say "look- I know this is impossible, so just in the future, can you move your car and we'll look into a place you can move it...or we'll figure something out and talk it over with the board", is beyond me. Why this woman insisted that she was right just by citing the "rules" is unbelievable.

But you better believe this isn't over. No one talks to me like she did and absolutely I'll be at that next board meeting and writing letters until then.

Damn I hope she reads this.

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  1. yes indeed this lady sounds like a total "c you next tuesday" but can i please make a suggestion that may simply your life...? learn to drive a stick! it's FUN! i was forced to learn at 16 and LOVE it. just sayin'