Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You can't handle the truth.

There was a lawsuit several years ago about a woman who sued a company because she burnt herself on coffee. That company now has a lid on their coffee that says "caution:hot". It should read "caution:hot.duh".
Everywhere we go there are warnings. I find that the more warnings we are given, the easier they are to ignore. Humans have become numb to the text that is right in front of them...I cannot tell you how many emails I will send out, and the response I get is a question that was already answered in the initial email. In bold.
So now this Truth campaign comes along about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Right off the bat I know the dangers, cancer being number one. I don't need to know anything else because cancer is pretty awful.
Here's how I feel: if cancer isn't enough to get you to not smoke, then no amount of campaigning will be. Not that it isn't "good for them" for trying but honestly. It's cancer. Cancer is bad. We have charities to put money towards wiping out cancer. Everyone knows that they don't want cancer, yet plenty of people still smoke.
What is the purpose of trying to get these people not to smoke? They know the dangers. They know that they could die but they light up that cigarette anyway. Telling them that their jaw could fall apart or that their lungs could have tar in them, what's the point? If cancer doesn't scare them nothing will.
Why doesn't cancer scare them? It's the mentality of "that won't happen to me." So if they are that adament on that not happening to them, then I doubt they think their children will be affected or their teeth will rot out, etc. After all, they can't get cancer from smoking cancer sticks, so that means they are immune from everything else.
I will say this, I am not a smoker. I smoke cigars not cigarettes and I've never touched pot or any other drug for that matter. But yes, I know that cigars are bad for you. I know I could get mouth cancer and I know that is a risk that I take.
There is a surgeon's general warning on every pack of cigarettes that no one reads anymore. They know the risks, and they ignore them.
So for the life of me, I can't understand the campaign. I am all for educating people, but when people are already educated, it's time to stop.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Legend that is Michael Jackson

It's surreal. He was one of those celebrities no one ever thought would "die"...at least no one ever entertained that fact. Not that people generally dwell on the idea of dying, whether it be about them or their loved ones, but to say that Michael Jackson is dead, is a really hard statement to make.

I grew up learning the Thriller dance and listening to his records on my Strawberry Shortcake record player. I still know the dance. I have countless songs of his on my iPod. There was something about him.

Michael Jackson shaped the music industry. Whether you liked his music or not, he was an undeniable force. He was the king of pop and I truly believe he will be for a long time to come.

No matter what went on in his personal life which was far from personal, no one can take away the fact that he was a living legend; an icon. He wrote songs that meant something. He sang and dance like no one does anymore. I'm deeply saddened that I will never be able to see this man perform live...one of the last pop stars that actually sings, for real, at his concerts.

There are a lot of "haters"...there are many that think he's probably burning in Hell right now...but the music world has fallen quite silent with this tragic loss.

The passing of this talented man will no doubt be a popular subject for months, years to come. Regardless of if you hated him, turned off his music when it came on...made fun of his face...or anything else...there is not one person that can say that Michael Jackson wasn't one of the strongest forces in music. Everything else aside, there is no other, nor will there ever be another Michael Jackson.

His legend will live on.

His memory will live on.

RIP Michael Jackson.......you are already missed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This bitch needs to STFU. Seriously.

I am watching Real Housewives of New Jersey: Reunion Special. I've had a problem with this woman since the middle of the season. She is a stage mom personified, arrogant, bitchy, and talks about how classy she is....which is so un-classy it's ridiculous. And her fake boobs, pinched face and ugly 1982 hair doesn't help her. At all.
When she talks about how much work she put into her house...please...it's really easy to swipe your husband's credit card. Or at least I imagine it is. Telling a mover where to put a chair or deciding between gold or silver, ain't that hard princess.
And your daughter....cute and all...nothing special and clearly, you're pushing her, not the other way around.
But now, she's on this reunion talking about how she is pushed by her daughter, how hot she is..and how she is skeeved out at living in someone else's house..because some people only wash their floors once a month.
Ok princess...when is the last time you got on your hands and knees? (for anything because I'm sure that position is "beneath you")...when is the last time you washed your floor? What you should have said was that some people don't wash their floors more than once a month (some people are busy and don't have nannys and actually have to do their own work..the REAL housewives of NJ or any other state) and that you have someone to do it every week...that you spend your husband's CASH to have your floors washed.
You've never picked up a finger that you've let anyone see...so this is how you paint yourself. So I will respectfully ask you to shut the fuck up and never appear on television ever again. You stupid, pinched face, fake boobed, money spending, stage mothering, arrogant for no reason bitch.
Say it with me: less hairspray.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Real Housewives of Franklin Lakes..not New Jersey

The season finale of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" aired last night...and like any other good train wreck, I had to watch. Being from New Jersey...living here for the past 28 years (4 years at college out of state but that doesn't count)...I had to see this show.

Not unlike most reality shows, there is nothing real about this. I'm sure the producers were really concerned that you think it is real, but these are the housewives of Franklin Lakes and some of Bergen County. Not New Jersey.

First we had The Sopranos which painted The Garden State as the Smokestack Mob Run State...and now we have these women who make New Jersey housewives look like stuck up prima donnas who have no idea what struggle is about...frankly, I prefer how The Sopranos made the state look.

I'm not all about Jersey pride, but this is a little ridiculous. No one acts like this. Having worked in matrimonial law for two affluent law firms, I have seen some of the most spoiled brats ever. I've seen clients come into the office in their tennis uniforms, on the way to their pedicure, coming back from their latest vacation on some island...all of which paid for by their hardworking husbands....these same women of course wondered why their husbands cheated on them and filed for divorce, but it was no mystery to me.

There are 21 counties in this state. I've been to every single one. Some counties are richer than others and are homes to women like these. One county that comes to mind is of course, Bergen County, specifically Franklin Lakes, where these women were from.

Some housewives are like them. Some. But this wasn't "real"....there are housewives that get up early to take their kids to school with no make up on..housewives that spend the day cleaning the house...where were they?

I suppose that wouldn't attract an audience like this did. Of course not. But these women are a piece of work...and as much as I enjoyed watching this disaster unfold...watching these classless women who decide that "class" is equivalent to how much money you i.e. your husband has...these aren't the real housewives. They are a small percentage, a very very small percentage.

...and I bet they will all be filming "divorced housechicks of NJ" in a year or two....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miley slowly murphing into Britney....except for the looks

Let me first start with a disclaimer: I like Britney's latest albums..they are great to drive to and to take to the gym...I don't think she can sing..but her music is fun. Christina can sing and I've always been her fan. I've never been a fan of Miley and I just don't get it. That said..

When Britney first started out it was clear that she was going to be the "it" girl..not because she could sing (we all know she can't) but because she had that look and the whole performance girl package. There was something about her that Christina, Jessica, even Mandy Moore (I had to use her last name because she's not at that "first name only" status) didn't have. As she got more and more famous her voice got more and more..um...digitized. She got hotter though whicih kind of made up for it. The clothes got smaller, her boobs got bigger and the style of music changed. Bottom line: she's hot she can do whatever the hell she wants.

Miley Miley Miley....

Miley is the goodie-goodie that Disney likes to put out. She's cute. She's bubbly. She's nausetingly adorable. Her music is cute but she doesn't have that "it" thing in her that Britney had...or has or whatever. But her new song that's from that goofy movie she's in...you can hear the distinct difference in her voice...either she's imitating Brit-Brit, or the studio manager is doing that to her voice. I'm guessing number one but bottom line is, it doesn't matter. Miley is never Britney and will never be Britney.
...what's frustrating about this is that Miley had/has the potential to be unique within her own little Disney shell...the teeny-boppers were going to love her no matter what she did, I mean, after all, remember that "scandolous" photo she took with Annie L.? (NOT scandolous the public is just sheltered and easily offended) and she was still loved.
Personally, I think she should do her next album either fresher and using an actual voice (I'm not entirely sure she has one) or just entitle it "Spiral to Britney"...or something like that.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Lyrics are very powerful. Very. There's always a song that you can releate to no matter where you are...that's what I love about music..not that pop shit "baby hit me one more time."...no thanx...
...and the best thing about music is hearing these lyrics, not anticipating that they will reach you or make a difference, and then you stop and repeat the song because you're like "yes, totally it."

"'Cause sometimes you feel tired,feel weak, and when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up.

But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength and just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give up

and not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse...."

but wait...there's more...

"This is your moment and every single minute you spend trying to hold onto it cause you may never get it again. So while you’re in it try to get as much shit as you can and when your run is over just admit when its at its end.Cause I'm at the end of my wits with half this shit that gets in."

"But in this industry I'm the cause of a lot of envy, so when I’m not put on this list the shit does not offend me.That's why you see me walk around like nothing's bothering me. Even though half you people got a fucking problem with me. You hate it but you know respect you’ve got to give me."

"And its absurd how people hang on every word. I’ll probably never get the props I feel I ever deserve. "

"I will not fall,I will stand tall,Feels like no one could beat me."

Eminem. I heart him.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just Danielle

Blog time...

I've had my own blog for almost two years now...and reflecting on it and reading it...it's full of negativity, drama, issues, etc. Too much personal stuff that shouldn't be there..and I've shut it down to start this blog..to blog about stuff I see everyday that makes me laugh, smile, whatever..

..because we all need a little laughter in our lives.

...and a little less drama.

You all know me. Danielle. Daniela. Larry's fiance. Larry's wife. Tracey's best friend. Tracey's little sister. Garbo's mom. Diva. Hooter girl. Bitch. Nice person that doesn't allow you to call her nice. Playboy model. Cigar aficianado. City girl. Wine enthusiast.

I'm all of that...you know me.

But this time...I'm just Danielle.

Welcome to my blog of randomness. ...including random nudity...Discuss at will.