Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Real Housewives of Franklin Lakes..not New Jersey

The season finale of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" aired last night...and like any other good train wreck, I had to watch. Being from New here for the past 28 years (4 years at college out of state but that doesn't count)...I had to see this show.

Not unlike most reality shows, there is nothing real about this. I'm sure the producers were really concerned that you think it is real, but these are the housewives of Franklin Lakes and some of Bergen County. Not New Jersey.

First we had The Sopranos which painted The Garden State as the Smokestack Mob Run State...and now we have these women who make New Jersey housewives look like stuck up prima donnas who have no idea what struggle is about...frankly, I prefer how The Sopranos made the state look.

I'm not all about Jersey pride, but this is a little ridiculous. No one acts like this. Having worked in matrimonial law for two affluent law firms, I have seen some of the most spoiled brats ever. I've seen clients come into the office in their tennis uniforms, on the way to their pedicure, coming back from their latest vacation on some island...all of which paid for by their hardworking husbands....these same women of course wondered why their husbands cheated on them and filed for divorce, but it was no mystery to me.

There are 21 counties in this state. I've been to every single one. Some counties are richer than others and are homes to women like these. One county that comes to mind is of course, Bergen County, specifically Franklin Lakes, where these women were from.

Some housewives are like them. Some. But this wasn't "real"....there are housewives that get up early to take their kids to school with no make up on..housewives that spend the day cleaning the house...where were they?

I suppose that wouldn't attract an audience like this did. Of course not. But these women are a piece of work...and as much as I enjoyed watching this disaster unfold...watching these classless women who decide that "class" is equivalent to how much money you i.e. your husband has...these aren't the real housewives. They are a small percentage, a very very small percentage.

...and I bet they will all be filming "divorced housechicks of NJ" in a year or two....

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