Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miley slowly murphing into Britney....except for the looks

Let me first start with a disclaimer: I like Britney's latest albums..they are great to drive to and to take to the gym...I don't think she can sing..but her music is fun. Christina can sing and I've always been her fan. I've never been a fan of Miley and I just don't get it. That said..

When Britney first started out it was clear that she was going to be the "it" girl..not because she could sing (we all know she can't) but because she had that look and the whole performance girl package. There was something about her that Christina, Jessica, even Mandy Moore (I had to use her last name because she's not at that "first name only" status) didn't have. As she got more and more famous her voice got more and more..um...digitized. She got hotter though whicih kind of made up for it. The clothes got smaller, her boobs got bigger and the style of music changed. Bottom line: she's hot she can do whatever the hell she wants.

Miley Miley Miley....

Miley is the goodie-goodie that Disney likes to put out. She's cute. She's bubbly. She's nausetingly adorable. Her music is cute but she doesn't have that "it" thing in her that Britney had...or has or whatever. But her new song that's from that goofy movie she's in...you can hear the distinct difference in her voice...either she's imitating Brit-Brit, or the studio manager is doing that to her voice. I'm guessing number one but bottom line is, it doesn't matter. Miley is never Britney and will never be Britney.
...what's frustrating about this is that Miley had/has the potential to be unique within her own little Disney shell...the teeny-boppers were going to love her no matter what she did, I mean, after all, remember that "scandolous" photo she took with Annie L.? (NOT scandolous the public is just sheltered and easily offended) and she was still loved.
Personally, I think she should do her next album either fresher and using an actual voice (I'm not entirely sure she has one) or just entitle it "Spiral to Britney"...or something like that.

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