Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lebron's Interview:The Trainwreck

This is a direct quote from the Lebron James interview that just took place where he announced he will be joining Miami Heat. This quote took place before he announced his choice. Let's play: what the fuck is wrong with this guy?

Jim: Out of the 6 teams that you sat down with, does the team that you are going to, know your decision?

Lebron: I just told them.

Here's why this is just told them? Well guess what buddy, now every team that you sat down with that doesn't have an answer from you KNOWS your answer is "no"....they now know that since they didn't receive a call from you, you won't be joining them.

And you know what Jimmy? Shame on you for asking such a boneheaded question!!! He's an athlete!! He doesn't know how to interview/speak. WTF were you thinking? You should be thinking for him and not setting traps. You're not Oprah interviewing Obama. It's a damn basketball player for crying out loud!! His job is to put the ball in the hoop, not do math!!!

This whole interview was a clusterfuck. There was no banter, it was: ask a question, get an answer, move on to the next question.

And who says this???: "Lebron, are you still a nailbiter?....because everyone around you has been biting their nails waiting for your answer."

Are. You. SERIOUS?!?!

Jimmy, how the hell did you score this interview? You asked the dumbest questions, you set him up (and didn't realize it despite the fact that it's your JOB), you were boring and you looked bored.

ESPN set up "The Decision" like crazy with Lebron looking up, arms outstretched. All that was missing was the crucifix. And yet, the thought that Jim Nantz was a good choice?

Worst interview ever. I would rather hear Barbara Walters ask Katharine Hepburn what kind of tree she thinks she is, then to ever hear this guy ask another question ever again.

As I'm wrapping up this blog I'm listening to Lebron say:

"Lebron has to do what makes Lebron happy."

Hope you're happy. Worst interview ever. I never want you or Jim to speak again. Ever. Thanks. xo.

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