Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You're responsible for your actions. Cheers.

I could make this part of "Happy Waitress", but this extends past the customer/server relationship and things that go down at a bar. This is about being responsible for your actions and not putting the blame on everyone but yourself.

Recently, the restaurant that I occasionally work at lost their liquor license. Without getting into the details of why the license is gone, the subject came up of a girl drinking underage there with a fake ID....then getting behind the wheel of a car and killing herself because she was drunk.

I feel this way: you drink, you drive, you die=all your problems.

Should someone be served underage? No, they shouldn't. Same as people shouldn't be jeopardizing the license of a bar by providing a fake ID. And before you say it, no, I never had a fake ID. I never snuck into a bar, and the first time I partied at any of the bars at my college, I was legit 21. Now that that's out of the way....

If you're providing a fake ID and you get away with it, you have successfully put the bar you're drinking at in danger of losing its license, and the bartender in danger of losing their job/being fined a shit load of money. But what do you care because you really need to be cool and be at a bar with your friends. You bad ass person you.

Ok, so you're drinking at the bar with your fake have one too you get behind the wheel? Of course you do, because you've proven how stupid you are in the first place by 1. using a fake ID and 2. getting drunk while using it. You didn't suddenly become intelligent and decide to hand your keys over to someone else...

So you get behind the wheel and you get into a car accident.

And you die.

The restaurant loses its license, is fined a bunch of money and the bartender is arrested. All because of YOUR choice to drink underage, provide a fake ID and then drive drunk. And die.

Is the restaurant your mother? Why should they hold your hand? Your ID looked real and they didn't have a scanner. You got served because you decided to deceive the bartender.

How is your death the bartender's fault? How is it the restaurant's?

Did the bartender hold a gun to your head and take you to get a fake ID? Did the owner of the restaurant force you to drink so much that you should never have gotten behind the wheel of a car? Did the staff at this restaurant insist that you drive the car?

No. No. and NO.

Your choice. You're responsible.

You died and no one should feel sorry for you.

Learn from your story? Sure. Feel sorry for you? Why?

If you had killed someone else and walked away untouched, people would insist that you should've died instead.

So now you're dead and because of your stupid, juvenile actions, a restaurant loses business and money...and now their servers lose money...maybe that money was paying for school or for a child that they have...maybe now they have to depend on the state or the government resulting in higher taxes...or maybe they get stuck without the education they were paying for because they can't get financial aid or a job since there basically are no jobs out there.

All because you needed to look cool with your fake ID and drink and drive.

You got what you deserve. I refuse to feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for all of the people you affected. Because even though no one was in that car besides you, you hurt plenty of people.


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  1. First of all, this made me cry - because it's so true.

    Second, I am thrilled you used the right "affected." You're not only awesome, but smart.