Friday, July 17, 2009

The Magical Indoor Voice

I'm in Manhattan close to every day of the "work" week (that would be Monday through Friday)...I've recently decided that driving there, and parking is not only expensive but stressful. And after my recent encounter of almost plowing down three obnoxious girls while they were jaywalking (that will be in another blog where I'll discuss the definition of jaywalking), I've committed myself to taking the train in.

The people on the train are strange at best. Many have no idea that there is anyone else on the train. It doesn't matter if you're sitting right next to them, they have no idea that you are there.

How do I know this? Because many of them have yet to grasp the concept of the indoor voice. Either that or they really think that I care about how many shades of lowlights they recently put in their hair or what is on their grocery list.

It's interesting as well that the voices get louder once a cell phone comes into play. Just because the person on the other end might actually be 500 miles away, it doesn't mean your voice needs to get to the volume of extremely loud and annoying to reach them. You're both on the phone. Trust me, they can hear you...unless you're going through a tunnel right now which I hope you are because your call will be dropped...because not even the universe wants to hear what you have to say.

And trust me, no one else on the train does either.

...then again listening to "fat or pregnant", some game that 6 Australians came up with, while passing through Newark was entertaining...

So let's all remember back to 1st grade and use our indoor voices...and the train will be a much happier ride.

Unless it's late. Which it often is.

Better than hitting jaywalkers though, and parking for 10 minutes and spending $80 in less than an hour for a three minute go-see.